the peoplesway

Theatre, Dance, Puppetry and Poetry at Dublin's Fringe Festival 2019. The PeopleSway shares stories of the heart, home and homeless in Ireland. Nominated for The DFF Judges’ Choice Award. 

I choreographed and led a participation dance piece. I designed and made masks for the show and I was the Volunteer Coordinator.

a Quiver

A night of Music, Dance and Theatre. I choreographed a dance piece addressing nostalgic lovers. I performed with Irish/German band Kalpa at The Ost Passage Theatre, in Leipzig, May 2019. 

old invitations

Celebrating 40 years of The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Old Invitations is a response looking back through the DHG archive, gathering reflections from artists and audiences. Thursday 28 February 2019.

A Dance performance in response to the myth of Jason and the Argonauts.

Dance Share


Dance Share is an all-inclusive improvisation dance class which explores fluidity and freedom in movement. Through visualisation, body awareness and self expression it explores fresh ways to connect with the body.


A dance performance in response to artist, Orla Callaghan's exhibition GIMBAL at The Courthouse Art Centre, Tinahely, Wicklow, April 2019.

The body is a tool for grounding. It is the physical gateway from the inside to the outside world. Let it be open, allow life to flow through.



As children we built dens/forts to seek refuge from the outer world around us. These are photos of two installations I designed and built addressing why children build dens. These Dens were created with small hidden rooms and trap doors to encourage playfulness, curiosity and child like behaviour. Both installations housed stop-motion animations that I made. These installations were exhibited in NCAD in 2014.

Puppetry & costume

A collection of puppets and costumes I designed and made since 2017.